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After maintaining radio silence for over a year and half after their well-received LouFest 2011 appearance, Jumbling Towers is taking to the waves once again.

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Originally based in Greenville, Ill., where they both attended college, guitarist Matt Stuttler and vocalist/keyboardist Emily Keefauver went from a small, tight-knit music scene full of familiar faces to St. Louis shortly after graduation. The duo wasted no time in establishing Burrowss and recording its first album.

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For a while now, Cherokee has had a strong reputation for supporting the visual arts with its galleries, outdoor festivals and street art. Yet the proliferation of music venues and recording studios, including the five month-old Texas Room, is making Cherokee an increasingly good place to keep your ear to the ground for new homegrown sounds.

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Last weekend was St. Louis' hottest two day indie music festival, Loufest. Loufest 2011 featured TV On The Radio, Deerhunter, Questlove, Cat Power, The Hold Steady, the Low Anthem, Lost in the Trees, Ume, and many more bands.

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St. Louis' own Old Lights opened the second day of LouFest with class and passion. Their set was mostly attended by old fans and friends with a slow trickle of people coming in during the music.

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Veteran St. Louis band Jumbling Towers stands out in the field of modern indie music with an eccentric brand of pop -- a dynamic collision of electronics, guitar hooks, startling vocals and beats.

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When I was a teenager in the '90s going to shows, I thought most local bands were just what you sat through, while waiting for the headliner. Why would I want to pay money to see a band that’s in my own city, who no one has ever heard of? What if I don’t like the band?

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Thursday, 25 February 2010 16:45

Jumbling Towers 2/25/10

Riding on constant, precise rhythms, laser-fired guitar shots, and -- ahem -- jumbling keys and bass licks, Jumbling Towers delivers a rich indie pop sensibility. The Space Parlour hosted this live session with one of St. Louis' standout synth-wave outfits.

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