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Carlos Jove hosts "Latin Hemispheres" every Sunday from 1-3 a.m. Central, providing a variety of Latin tunes for late-night listeners.

Published in Inside KDHX
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 12:51

The Reventones 9/6/11

In Spanish, the word "reventón" has many meanings: "blow out," "burst" and "work your butt off." The sound of the Reventones evokes them all.

Published in Live Performances
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 16:06

Javier Mendoza 8/30/11

A tried and true veteran on the St. Louis music scene, Javier Mendoza still believes in the power of Latin pop.

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Tuesday, 09 March 2010 19:00

Rodrigo y Gabriela 3/9/10

Rodrigo y Gabriela started out as metal heads in Mexico City, and while they've largely left behind electricity and thrashing, they still rock as hard as any duo in any hemisphere you care to name. The guitarists brought their firey sound to KDHX for a rare in-studio performance.

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