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The year 2011 is flying by at the speed of sound. As we hit the midyear mark, the DJs of 88.1 KDHX have pressed pause, surveyed the scene and weighed in with their favorite releases -- thus far.

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Calculators tapping, paper rolls flying -- KDHX midyear album spins are in. Here's all of the albums and EPs, national and local, that are getting the most airplay on 88.1 KDHX, released so far this year.

Published in Inside KDHX

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Jah Orah and KD Assassin

Wed November 19


Sun October 26
Durango is a two-man band with a progressive, heavy rock sound. The band's latest album, "Technologigical Advances," is a concept album that is meant to be heard as a whole unit. To download a track from…

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Recent Spins:

Wolf In Bathtub by Nicoffeine from Au Revoir Golden Air (Blunoise) spun by Mabel & Joe at 2:28am on Wrong Division (Fri Nov 21st)

Soft Sugar by Noxagt from Noxagt (Load Records) spun by Mabel & Joe at 2:22am on Wrong Division (Fri Nov 21st)

Get Bodacious by Warhammer 48K from Uber Om (Emergency Umbrella) spun by Mabel & Joe at 2:18am on Wrong Division (Fri Nov 21st)

Radius 40 by Fischessen from Köder (Blunoise) spun by Mabel & Joe at 2:01am on Wrong Division (Fri Nov 21st)