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There's a sub-genre of films that tell the stories of folks in a family. There's another sub-genre of films that purport to be holiday films. When those two subs marry, they create a film like "Love the Coopers," which tells a family's story at Christmastime.

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The complications of this film start with the title. “Third Person” refers, of course, to pronoun usage: he, she, it and they. The phrase can also refer to a third person in a party. A triangle. In the movie, “Third Person,” that extra member can be a lover with a married couple.

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Director Joe Swanberg's "Drinking Buddies" hinges its story on Kate. She works at a Chicago microbrewery, hangs out with her fellow male workers and settles in comfortably off hours with her boyfriend. She's attractive and personable but also needy and dependent. As she ricochets from one relationship to grasp at another, Kate reveals a touching, suppressed vulnerability.

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Friday, 14 December 2012 01:00

‘Deadfall’ is dead on arrival

Relying on ludicrous coincidences in a predictable, badly written story, “Deadfall” offers sociopathic criminals fleeing across snowy Michigan for the U.S.-Canadian border. A sure sign of a lack of depth, about every fifteen minutes an expendable character gets shot or a sex scene intrudes. Nothing really works; it’s lame and superficial and dull.

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Friday, 17 December 2010 01:00

"TRON: Legacy" Advances Its Proud Heritage

TRON: Legacy is as much a video game celebration, not a bad thing, as an updated, narrative homage to its canny predecessor. Computer graphics and 3D have progressed light years since the original 1982 TRON, but the story falls short of the blazing creativity that would match the effects.

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