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You only have to hear a few of Randy Newman songs before you realize he’s an eccentric songwriter—perhaps even a bit twisted—but certainly original.

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Phrases like "family entertainment" and " recommended for all ages" are far too often euphemisms for "dull and unimaginative," as though children were simply very dim adults who could only be trusted with the performing arts equivalent of plastic scissors. Fortunately, the folks at Disney/Pixar know better.

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Sunday, 23 December 2012 16:50

Best of 2012: Top 15 albums that turned 40

Ever wonder if popular music is better today than it was, say, 40 years ago? Frankly, it isn't. Even with Gangnam style, it's hard to imagine this year producing so many recordings as important as the best of 1972.

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In 1975, in his book Mystery Train, Greil Marcus wrote of Randy Newman: "Newman is afraid of his sensibility, to the degree that he has to get it over to an audience." 36 years later, here he is in the Sheldon Concert Hall, sitting on his piano bench before a great Steinway, which yawned at a full house of devoted fans, many of them around his age -- and Mr. Newman seems only moderately comfortable.

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Monday, 24 August 2009 04:17

Jon Hardy & the Public 8/24/09

One of St. Louis's most critically acclaimed bands, Jon Hardy & the Public have turned their rock and soul attention to Randy Newman. Hear where they take his songs during a live session on Feel Like Going Home.

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