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Saturday, 29 January 2011 18:21

Langhorne Slim 1/29/11

With dramatic lyrics and soul-bearing vocals, Langhorne Slim delivers a homemade and down-home sound undefinable by one genre.

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Friday, 21 January 2011 12:16

Rev. Matt 1/21/11

The skateboarding, body-inking, harmonica-wielding, honky-tonking songwriter known as Rev. Matt is doing his part to keep the spirit of acoustic outlaw country alive in St. Louis.

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Thursday, 02 December 2010 10:24

Will Hoge 12/2/10

After a near-fatal accident in 2009, Will Hoge has returned with renewed energy and powerful life experiences to draw upon when crafting his country-tinged roots rock tunes.

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I arrived at the Old Rock House expecting to see a performance by one of the most underrated musicians of the folk music scene. What I received last night was not a performance, but an experience that showed why Loudon Wainwright III is as important to folk music today as he was when he began his musical career 40 years ago.

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Monday, 22 November 2010 20:25

Phoebe Claggett and Preston Clarke 11/22/10

Together Phoebe Claggett and Preston Clarke fuse folk, pop and a whisp of jazz in a collaboration that's as introspective as it is accessible.

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Monday, 08 November 2010 09:55

Beth Bombara 11/8/10

A familiar face on the local music scene, Beth Bombara is known for her skill as a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist as the Lonely Pine and with the Robotic Foundation. Now that she’s going solo, we can really see this multifaceted jewel start to shine.

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Monday, 20 September 2010 13:20

Mark Olson 9/20/10

Mark Olson, co-founder of acclaimed alt-country band the Jayhawks, released Many Colored Kite, his second solo album in July 2010. With a softly cracked voice that melds beautifully with female harmony vocals, as well as the gorgeous guitar-piano-drum arrangements, he creates a world of back-to-basics folk tranquility.

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Saturday, 11 September 2010 15:59

Katy Moffatt and Andrew Hardin 9/11/10

Katy Moffatt embodies the persona of a traditional, female country musician. Inspired by blues and folk artists, Moffatt echoes the conventional country music sound while applying an individual lyrical dimension to her songs. Her acoustic style demonstrates her fingerpicking skills and ability to shift rhythmic tempos.

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Tuesday, 07 September 2010 10:48

Dylan LeBlanc 9/7/10

The towns of Shreveport, La. and Muscle Shoals, Ala. are two of the most storied musical locales in America. Dylan LeBlanc has called both home, and the rich traditions of country, blues and southern soul suffuse his vision of Americana. He may be only 20 years old, but his voice and lyrical control resonates with a life surrounded by music and stories.

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Friday, 13 August 2010 11:15

Justin Branam 8/13/10

Nashville singer-songwriter Justin Branam may prefer the dress of a brakeman and the strum of an acoustic guitar, but he's no luddite. His latest release is an EP called The iPhone Sessions, recorded entirely on the ever-present mobile device. KDHX has an app for that as well: a live session on the Interstate.

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