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Saturday, 13 March 2010 16:22

Tom Irwin 3/13/10

A veteran of the Springfield, Illinois songwriter-scene, Tom Irwin's music has been described as "a cross between Buddy Holly and Frank Zappa" and compared to an "updated John Prine."

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Friday, 12 February 2010 13:11

Verlon Thompson 2/12/10

A veteran crafter of songs and road-seasoned troubadour, Verlon Thompson writes tunes that paint pictures of solitariness, contemplate the tides of a fast-changing world and feel patiently for the slow pulse of love. He sat down with Interstate to share some of his stripped-down, sensitive compositions.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009 16:19

William Elliott Whitmore 10/13/09

With a voice as sharp and strong as a plow blade cutting through a stony field, William Elliott Whitmore sings about he knows, and does so with a natural force. Hear the Lee County, Iowa native's exclusive live performance at KDHX.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009 16:19

Richard Buckner 9/22/09

A howling voice, a droning guitar, a floorboard lined with looping gizmos, and a restless lyrical sensibility like few other songwriters: That's Richard Buckner the performer; he brought his one-man, musical hypnosis treatment to KDHX.

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Friday, 06 June 2008 03:00

Caleb Travers 6/6/08

Caleb Travers has a way with a song and a melody that evokes his country roots but also takes in modern urban experience of romantic and personal discovery. The St. Louis native gave a live performance in the KDHX studios in advance of his Twangfest debut.

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Thursday, 05 June 2008 07:36

Chuck Prophet 6/5/08

Chuck Prophet asks, "Who put the bomp in the bomp-shooby-dooby-bomp?" The San Francisco guitarist and songwriter answers with every note.

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Thursday, 22 May 2008 13:00

Stephen Simmons 5/22/08

Though critics have compared Stephen Simmons to Steve Earle and Ryan Adams, the Tennessee-based singer and songwriter has an honest, clear-eyed way of seeing the world that's very much his own. Simmons joined Feel Like Going Home for conversation and a trio of stripped-down songs.

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Friday, 28 March 2008 07:00

Jack Hardy 3/28/08

Legendary Greenwich Village song-guru Jack Hardy brought his wit and wisdom to the studios of KDHX. Hardy's mythic, Celtic-influenced music has a legacy stretching from the '70s to the present.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008 13:03

Mary Gauthier 3/26/08

Haunted by the past and hopeful about the wide-open future, singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier brought her weathered voice and fiercely detailed songs to Uncontrollable Urge.

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Tuesday, 04 March 2008 14:27

Bob Reuter 3/4/08

As prolific as he is irascible, Bob Reuter ventured into the Space Parlour this Tuesday night for a live solo set. The St. Louis veteran may play an acoustic guitar, but he's a working class hero with a rocker's soul.

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