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The stroll to downtown St. Louis' City Museum consists of cracked and cobbled stones that prove themselves ankle-twisters after several libations. Their unsteady ground further rumbled under foot as an unseen siren's wail emanated from the building the path surrounds.

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The ninth annual Midwest Mayhem -- KDHX's thank-you party for donors that contribute during its spring drive -- washed over the City Museum on Thursday night.

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Dear STL, keep being awesome. This year saw the band I'd nurtured for six years coming to an end, but a beginning to so many cool, freaky awesome bands from friends of mine. If 2012 is any indication, St. Louis music is back in a big way.

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Years ago, I lived in the Middle East near a group of British expats, aircraft mechanics, who frequently staged shows with great enthusiasm. KTK's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, or "the bee", reminded me of this. It is what I think community theatre was meant to be.

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The lightning and rain was hunching the smokers over when I arrived at the Luminary on Saturday night. Everyone else was jogging or speed walking to get out of the storm.

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Thursday, 25 March 2010 18:16

Spelling Bee 3/25/10

Surface is deceiving. At first glance, one may mistake the members of Spelling Bee for just a couple of small, cuddly creatures, but their fractal math-addled spazz thrash is anything but. Cast aside the veil, reveal the hidden tempestuousness, stir the slumbering beast, stream the duo's diabolical set on the Space Parlour.

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Monday, 20 July 2009 22:19

Spelling Bee 7/20/09

Spelling Bee isn't just post-punk. They're post-everything you expect from a rock band. Writing bursting and blasting songs with complex time signatures and heavy, melodic riffs, the Saint Louis duo visited Slip of the Disc for a live performance.

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