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Formed in 1996, the Conformists are some kind of anomalous rock band -- playing big, strange, intricate music that’s painstakingly crafted and precise, but never predictable. The band – Chris on guitar, Mike on vocals, Jim on bass and Pat on drums – has steadily built a steadfast group of fans in St. Louis and internationally, evolving from a local, 3-nights-a-week weirdo bar/basement band to a band that holds the respect of their peers.

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Monday, 13 September 2010 09:26

Teddy Presberg 9/13/10

Like a storyteller, eco-conscious guitarist Teddy Presberg likes to spin his effortless yarns, written in jazz and punctuated with funk, by calling for his listeners to follow him on his journey. Fresh and fluid yet rooted and evocative, his music simply tries to say what he feels must be said.

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