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Monday, 21 May 2012 09:32

The Skekses 5/21/12

The lonesome and beautifully suggestive music of the Skekses seems to come from another place and another time. But anyone who loves unvarnished country songwriting and singing will call it home.

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Internationally celebrated and bigger than ever, Record Store Day 2012 went off as a smashing success at St. Louis-area independent music retailers.

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“…you’re the one that’s been causing all them riots over in vietnam. immediately turns t a bunch of people an says if elected, he’ll have me electrocuted publicly on the next fourth of july. i look around an all these people he’s talking to are carry blowtorches / needless t say, i split fast go back t the nice quiet country…”(2)

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Sunday, 21 November 2010 17:00

The Skekses 11/21/10

A session with the Skekses is like an old time seance. The ghosts of Harry Smith, the Carter Family and Ola Belle Reed seem to haunt the St. Louis band's brooding blues.

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