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When St. Louis' noisy-folk quartet Theodore ended, Justin Kinkel-Schuster went down to Mississippi to record some songs with his friend Andrew Bryant. This endeavor lead to what became the first batch of Water Liars songs.

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When St. Louis noisy-folk provocateurs Theodore broke up a year ago, Demonlover and Water Liars rose from the shards and refracted their old mainstay's vibe in new directions.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012 11:38

Water Liars 2/23/12

Named for a Barry Hannah story, Water Liars tell musical truths through Southern gospel, rock, noise and eerie country blues.

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Nothing lasts. So says everything that used to be around us, used to fill the air, fill our eyes, fill the days we've already long forgotten.

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A sense of timing is imperative to the success of launching a record label, playing a good show and throwing a party.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011 18:51

Theodore 5/18/11

Spooky and soulful, arch and enigmatic, the music of Theodore will challenge everything you think you know about Americana.

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Friday, 05 February 2010 04:26

Theodore 2/5/10

If you had to label Theodore, you might try "freak folk" then maybe "folk rock" then maybe "folk blues," or maybe even "Americana." Labels only take you so far, and the music of Theodore -- eerie and catchy and raging, sometimes all at once -- evades easy categories. Hear just how far they'll take you during a live performance at KDHX.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009 04:17

Theodore 6/10/09

St. Louis' own Theodore, a country, blues and folk-influenced band with an experimental edge, visited Feel Like Going Home for a live performance.

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Wednesday, 06 February 2008 13:14

Theodore 2/6/08

More dreamy than mopey, Theodore brought their introspective country-folk expressions to the Space Parlour to record a live-set for an up-coming Space Parlour compilation CD.

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