KDHX Presents Listen Live
Lizzie Weber

KDHX Presents Listen Live featuring Lizzie Weber

Join us on Tuesday, March 2 at 7:20 PM ct for Listen Live featuring Lizzie Weber. This online event will stream live on the KDHX YouTube page at YouTube.com/KDHX with a portion also broadcasting live on 88.1FM with Caron of Wax Lyrical.

Sponsored by Missouri History Museum.

About the artist

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, now based in the Pacific Northwest, Lizzie began her journey as a songwriter living in Studio City, California, where she moved at twenty years old to pursue a career in acting. Two years after her move to Los Angeles, she found herself back in St. Louis writing, recording and producing her self-titled debut album as she pursued a degree in Journalism from Washington University.  

Lizzie’s roots in St. Louis have a lot to do with a woman so grounded. “I feel as though my upbringing in St. Louis allowed me to develop strong values and a strong sense of self, a kind of self-awareness that sort of catapulted me into writing very personal and emotionally charged music.”