The Root Diggers

Way back in 2011 on an unseasonably warm January evening, an Ozark and Appalachian old-time all-star string band played their very first show ever at a sleepy little folk music hall over in Maplewood, Missouri. At the time they weren’t entirely sure what to call themselves and were batting around several titles. For the sake of advertising, they settled on the tentative name “The Root Diggers” and then totally and hilariously sold out the Focal Point (we had a line around the block then, people spilling out onto the street)! From that day to this the core members Colin Blair, Alen Spencer, Jeremiah Evans & Steve Pupillo have carved a name for themselves in these parts as one of the absolute best American trad revival bands that ever was (or likely will be).

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Event Properties

Event Date 01-28-2022 8:00 pm
Location Focal Point