KDHX Volunteer Spotlight
KDHX Volunteer Spotlight: DJ Flavio

DJ Flavio
Host of World Disco Adventure
Saturday, 7-9 p.m.

Show Description: 
It’s a disco, synth-pop, euro-pop, euro-disco, hi-NRG, space-synth, freestyle and Nu-disco show as popularized on the dance-floors of European capitals and Mexico City. Especially with the unheralded but timeless Italo Disco genre, the music is ultra-melodic and complex almost sounding symphonic in parts. But it’s always music to move to, whether in a disco or in your apartment. If you want to move... sei arrivato!

What would would you like to share with KDHX listeners and readers about yourself?
1) I helped build the FCC-required fence around the transmitter site when I was a "wee lad". Driving a post-hole digger into the frozen, rocky Jefferson County earth was a bear. But it was a life skill learned, thanks to KDHX.
2) I attribute that photo of me to Jon Valley, the production guy at KDHX. I came into the station one day looking like a scuz and he said something about my listeners not expecting a disco DJ to look like that. I thought about it and went home and got cleaned up, did my hair up, and put a suit on to take a selfie where I look more like a stereotypical disco man. It's a laugh.

Please describe the inspiration for your show.
That Disco 'Magic'! Disco producers just seem to be swinging for the fences every time they make a record. It's "Magic or Bust!", with all of them.

Why does being a KDHX DJ matter to you?
It's a miracle that I'm allowed to curate this disco music from around the world that most people have never heard before. And to be allowed to do it on the most appropriate night of the week for disco: Saturday night. I hope that my show might inspire young music producers and engineers to make the next generation of great disco and electro records right here in St. Louis.

Why is KDHX important to you and to your community?
When I was growing up, KMOX and KSHE had live on-air hosts, 24-7. As you listened, you could picture them sitting in their studios on Memorial Drive or on Watson Road. No more! KDHX, with its army of volunteers, keeps up that "live and local" tradition.

What record do you think everyone should have in their music library?
Todd Rundgren, "Something/Anything" or Steely Dan, "Two Against Nature" -  your choice.

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