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KDHX Underwriting Best Practices

Once your contract has been confirmed, Jesse will work with you on copy for your announcement. Then the perfected copy will be sent to the KDHX production department. They will record your announcement, edit your announcement, and schedule your announcement in our daily programming. This process takes seven days, meaning we need approved, final copy seven days before your announcement should start, not including the day it is final or the day it is to start.

Here are some tips to help understand what language can and cannot be included in an underwriting announcement.

Underwriting Announcements May Contain:

– Sponsor's name (mentioned a maximum of 3 times)

– Internet address

– Value - neutral description of business, products and services


The FCC Mandates That Announcements May Not Include:

– Comparative, Qualitative or Promotional language (just the facts)

– Calls to Action (imperative language or orders)

– Pricing Information (including “free” or variants thereof)

– Inducements to Buy, Sell, or Lease


KDHX Underwriting Best Practices

– Underwriting announcements are a maximum of 15 seconds in length.

– Interstitial sponsorship announcements are a maximum of 10 seconds in length.

– Standard opening line is, “Programming on KDHX is supported by…”

– Standard closing line is, “For more information, XXXXX dot com.”

– KDHX does not permit the use of pre-produced announcements or music beds.

– All spots are recorded by KDHX and voicing will be done by KDHX volunteers and staff. 

– The use of personal pronouns is not permitted.

– Final approval of copy lies with KDHX.


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