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Every week, over 95,000 listeners tune in to 88.1 KDHX and more than 35,000 users visit the website.

Calendars are one of the many valuable public resources KDHX provides for the community. On-air calendars, such as the Concert Calendar, Arts & Events Calendar, and Worms Eye Environmental Calendar are created exclusively from what is submitted and approved for display on Due to the large number of communications we receive, we are not able to respond to every event listing request. We will list appropriate submissions, and will do our best to respond to questions about errors.

Please review the following information to help you better understand what KDHX calendars can do for you and your audience.

Events, like most everything at KDHX, are a community- and volunteer-driven resource that is provided to enrich the lives of our audience. If you would like your concert or event to be listed on the online Events calendars or to be included in the on-air calendar, please submit your event information using one of the methods listed below:

Quick Notes

Your event can be submitted by filling our Submission Form.

  • Your event will be reviewed before it will be published.
  • If your event is at a new venue, your venue will be reviewed before it will be published. You may want to allow additional time for your event to be processed.
  • Overly commercial submissions will be rejected or edited (see note below).
  • Please allow seven (7) days for us to review and publish your event. 
  • On-air calendars are volunteer scripted and produced, therefore your event may not be selected.
  • If you want a guarantee that your event will be broadcast on-air, you should consider underwriting. Find out more about Underwriting KDHX.

Noncommercial Nature

Please note that KDHX is a strictly nonprofit and noncommercial organization. For both legal and philosophical reasons, we will reject or edit overly commercial submissions. Any editing work that we have to do will delay the publishing of your event. To help us comply with FCC guidelines, please avoid the following in your event submissions:

  • Mentions of price (Yes, Free is a price)
  • Calls to action ("come in today and try it out!")
  • Endorsements ("Recommended by top dentists")
  • Examples of customer satisfaction ("99% of customers agree")
  • Superlative language ("The best show in town!")
  • Comparison with other companies or services

Additionally, the FCC has found the following words or phrases unacceptably promotional:

  • Efficient
  • Dedicated
  • Reliable
  • Luxury
  • Delightfully honest
  • Economical
  • Prompt
  • Excellent
  • Quick and clear
  • Quality
  • Dependable
  • Fair Price
  • Leading
  • Very accommodating
  • Number One

By avoiding commercial language, you will help us ensure that your submission is appropriate and acceptable under FCC guidelines for on-air copy. Overly commercial submissions will be edited or rejected.

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