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Will you renew your commitment to KDHX in 2024?

2023 was a transitional and transformational year at KDHX. We head into 2024 with a renewed commitment to being the place in the St. Louis region that uses the power of music to engage and unite people across the many communities we serve–a source of music discovery for everyone.
Will you renew your commitment to KDHX in 2024?

Anyone who has listened to KDHX over the last 36 years knows that change has been a constant at KDHX. We recognize last year’s changes were experienced by our listeners in a myriad of ways. Our team is committed to the core belief that KDHX is a place where the impact of every volunteer, every donor, and every listener is valued. 
The expansion of music discovery continues in full force at KDHX. In 2023, we welcomed 24 new DJs who are filling the airwaves with a wealth of new music and sounds. In early 2023, 23% of our volunteers were from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds–by the end of 2023, that number increased to 58%. We are excited to report that listenership has increased on our livestream by 43%.

We will be honest: the ripple effects of the changes that occurred at KDHX last year have not been small. Some donors withdrew support as we recommitted to our mission of uniting the community through music.
Your support is more critical than ever. 
Christine, a longtime listener and donor, shared this: “I miss a bunch of the shows we lost but I am holding out on the restructuring. It doesn’t sound like the KDHX I first fell in love with but man, am I still here for it. We aren’t here for the politics, and if we are here for the music, all we can do is patiently and lovingly listen with open minds, hearts, and ears.

We thank every volunteer, every donor, and every listener who has stayed the course with us. Now, we are asking you to give generously to KDHX, and collectively, we will ensure KDHX remains a source of music discovery for all for years to come. 
Please continue your support of KDHX today. 
You can give a single or monthly gift at If you currently support KDHX with a monthly gift, please consider increasing your monthly donation by $1, $5 or $10. Thank you!

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