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KDHX Implements New Vision, Sees Results in 2024

With 2024 underway, the results of changes KDHX has implemented in the last year are starting to take shape. In support of its bold new vision to harness the power of music to create a better St. Louis, KDHX has embraced three commitments: to serve as a leader and convener to develop the St. Louis music industry, to use music to connect our region, and to amplify underrepresented voices in music. 

As part of that vision, KDHX grew and broadened its listening audience in 2023 as its initiatives began to resonate with new listeners and longtime fans alike. 2023 results of note include:

●    Online engagement was up 500 percent for ages 18-24 
●    Online listenership was up 43 percent 
●    Market share remained steady at 1.2 
●    KDHX saw 275 first-time donors come on board 
●    KDHX completed its switch to Community Centric Fundraising, which values equally all who engage in strengthening the community - volunteers, donors and staff 
●    KDHX added 26 new DJs
●    KDHX relaunched the Community Advisory Board and added several new members 
●    58 percent of KDHX’s DJs are from historically underrepresented backgrounds compared to 23 percent at the beginning of 2023 

"While it's no secret that we experienced a challenging year as we began implementing our new vision, we are so pleased to see these positive results," said Gary Pierson, President of KDHX Community Media Board of Directors. “We will work diligently to build on this success throughout 2024, including launching a new donor development program." 

Input from new listeners and donors has included comments such as:

●    “KDHX has better taste in music and more originality than any paid music subscription service.“ 
●    “I love that there are independent-minded DJs still playing a variety of music on the airwaves.“
●    “There's SO much good content.“ 

“We are seeing so much enthusiasm with our new direction, not just from previously underrepresented communities but from supporters across our listenership,” said KDHX Executive Director Kelly Wells. “We will continue to attract new listeners, donors and volunteers, and we will continue to work to instill confidence in our mission." 

As KDHX intentionally expands its “community” to include the entire St. Louis region, the station has created two new staff positions in 2023. Andrea Dunn was named Director of Volunteer Connections, and Ronnie Wisdom was named Director of Community Connections.

In addition, KDHX is pleased to announce that Tangazo will join the regular live broadcast lineup starting February 15. Tangazo is a group discussion-based program created as a podcast for KDHX in March 2018 by its host and producer, Hank Thompson.

“Tangazo is important to the African American community because it gives Black people an unbridled voice on issues that are important to our wellbeing,” said Thompson. “Tangazo will help build bridges of communication between the many groups that make up the St. Louis region.”

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