KDHX believes that to authentically live into its mission to build community through media, the organization must be diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist. Diversity at KDHX is defined as a wide range of nationalities, ethnicities, races, genders, LGBTQIA+ identities, abilities, economic statuses, ages, and much more. The board, the staff, and the volunteers of KDHX engage in regular, extensive training so that there is a shared understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion within an organizational context. Dismantling cultural biases is a priority. KDHX seeks to create a sense of belonging for a diverse set of board members, staff, volunteers, and listeners. 

KDHX's vision of diversity is reflected in our mission, purpose, and values. KDHX believes in being people-centered, transparent, and honest and that the proper management of diverse people, things, and ideas is in the best interest of the organization’s long-term health and sustainability.

The KDHX Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 includes objectives to support our priority of building anti-racist capacity. Many objectives have been completed, such as:

• Anti-bias, anti-racist training for the staff and the board 
• Create an organization-wide anti-racist charter with goals
• Update hiring protocols/processes to ensure diverse candidate pools and questions to assess cultural  competency and biases of incoming staff members and volunteers 
• Complete top-to-bottom review of all Board and organization policies and procedures to check for cultural biases and make recommendations to address and change

Year 2 and 3 objectives are ongoing:

• Develop and implement annual DEI training for all active KDHX volunteers
• Develop a clear action plan for addressing systemic racism and investing in systemic change
• Develop a plan for enhancing board, staff, and volunteer diversity

KDHX’s full-time staff is currently comprised of 7 staff members, 1 of whom identifies as a white presenting man of Native American heritage, 3 of whom are white women, and 3 of whom are white men. Additionally, KDHX has four contract production and broadcast engineers who are white men between the ages of 24 and 55. 

KDHX has not increased the number of staff since 2018. As we look to increase the number of full-time staff in 2024, the station will be implementing hiring protocols to ensure diverse candidate pools.

The KDHX board is made up of 8 members, 2 of whom are white women, 2 of whom are African-American men, and 4 of whom are white men.

KDHX volunteers serve as on-air programmers, podcast hosts, and production and event volunteers. Currently, the volunteer population is comprised of about 20% people of color, 20% women, and otherwise, white men. Ages range from 32 to 78.

In the last year, KDHX has added two new programmers to on-air programming, 1 of whom is a white woman and 1 of whom is a Hispanic man. KDHX continues to focus on expanding the human and musical diversity of our on-air programming as we recruit new programmers.

Through the  Board of Directors, Community Advisory Board, and working groups, including staff and volunteers, KDHX regularly reviews its policies, strategies, and vision to ensure its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals are being met. 

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