KDHX Volunteer Spotlight
KDHX Volunteer Spotlight: DJ Journee

DJ Journee
Finding Our Way
Friday, 5-7 a.m.

Show description:

Finding Our Way is about the journeys we take in life, either physical (road trips etc.) or life journeys (school, relationships, work, finding our identity), wanting someone to help you find your way and the warmth that is generated when someone is there to show you your way.

Describe the inspiration for your show and what listeners can expect:

"Finding Our Way is a thematic show about the journeys we take through like, it can be as mundane as a night or a day, or as complicated as the life journeys unique to each individual -- new discovery, recovery, starting a new adventure or starting over or the physical journeys as a trip to a destination.  It's about wanting to find your way whether it's going back or continuing forward.  Listeners can expect themes developed with music from across a wider variety of genres from blues to metal, country to punk with a sprinkling of jazz and even classical."

About me: 

"I grew up in the Midwest, born in Detroit, Michigan spending time in Canton, Ohio (football hall of fame), and Fort Wayne, Indiana before relocating to St. Louis after having attended grad school here.  I consider myself an overzealous volunteer and volunteer with some organizations that assist refugees.  I love music and festivals and volunteer for a variety of festivals such as Pride, Tower Grove Pride, Mardi Gras, and the Soulard B3 festival.  I also have 2 children -- one is a legal drug dealer (budtender and a dispensary) and one who is finishing college and hopefully moving forward with great adventures. I'm generally optimistic but can have a slightly twisted sense of humor. I am so thrilled to finally realize my dream of being a DJ on KDHX.  Currently, I still work (a little too much)  but volunteering saves my soul."

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