KDHX Volunteer Spotlight
KDHX Volunteer Spotlight: J-Soul

Host of Soul Sensation
Thursday, 7-10 a.m.

Show Description: 
Soul Sensation is a blend of R&B, Classic Soul, Blues, Jazz, and Hip-Hop.

What would would you like to share with KDHX listeners and readers about yourself?
I truly have an avid love for great music and enjoy showcasing the best that music has to offer. That's the whole basis for Soul Sensation. Music is special and means a lot to me, and I appreciate music from every realm. Hosting this show has led me to discover my voice and to become as authentic and spontaneous as possible on radio for I learn something each and every time I have an opportunity to perform the show. 

Please describe the inspiration for your show.
The inspiration springs from every single artist whose music I ever gravitated to. Ultimately, all music is the same but can be expressed in various forms of expression which has led to the creation of the musical genres that live today. I honestly believe appreciating the full spectrum of music will eventually set the stage for a new genre of music to form over time.

Why does being a KDHX DJ matter to you?
KDHX is an awesome station where volunteer programmers are given the opportunity to showcase music from their own unique perspectives. That is rare when it comes to broadcast radio. KDHX allows for radio to be conducted like I feel it was meant to be represented.

Why is KDHX important to you and to your community?
KDHX is one of the few community radio stations that exists in the country, in the United States, operating right here in St. Louis, Missouri. I believe that is a major accomplishment within itself and to be associated with such a unique station that has operated for over 35 years, you feel like you are a part of history and something special. Representing KDHX is representing the community of this city and beyond. The community has helped make KDHX the station that it is today. 

What are some of your favorite KDHX shows?
Churban Radio
In The Middle of the Night
Radio Rio
Ballad and the Beat of Love
World Disco Adventure
Radio Riot
Get Around Sound
Thick as Thieves
Kuts Klassikz
Chelsea Hotel
The Boom Box
(And other shows)

What record do you think everyone should have in their music library?
When it comes to music over the past 60 plus years.........What's Going On by Marvin Gaye

Favorite thing you are listening to at the moment?
Whatever song/artist I feature on Soul Sensation -  I listen to those songs all the time.

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