KDHX Volunteer Spotlight
KDHX Volunteer Spotlight: River

Host of Alternative Angle
Monday, 7-9 a.m.

Show Description: 
From 1900s blues, 70s guitar solos, and 90s grunge, Alternative Angle will explore artists who innovated and challenged musical boundaries. While primarily focused on Alternative Rock there will be a diverse range including (but not limited to) soul, jazz, punk, prog rock, and reggae.

What would would you like to share with KDHX listeners and readers about yourself?
I love St Louis, I love cooking, I love the rain, and a good cup of coffee. If there's a mountain, I'll climb it. If there's music, I'll listen. And if there isn't music, I'll play it.

Please describe the inspiration for your show.
To celebrate music of all cultures, time periods, and genres. The most revolutionary music has to challenge the statuesque it exists in, it's often rejected, hated, and demonized but it always prevails. Music drives social change, ideas, and inspiration long after it's been written. I want to celebrate those who came before us and those who will come after.

Why does being a KDHX DJ matter to you?
Because music is life. And my life is in St. Louis, where better could I be than KDHX?

Why is KDHX important to you and to your community?
It shows the diversity of this city by exposing it's listeners to new demographics, music, and ideas. 

What are some of your favorite KDHX shows?
Dangerous Curves
World Disco Adventure 
Thick As Thieves
Rock N' Roll Damnation

What record do you think everyone should have in their music library?
The Rainbow Goblins by Masayoshi Takanaka 

Favorite thing you are listening to at the moment?
All of Heart's discography. Nancy Wilson is my absolute favorite guitar player of all time, and Ann Wilson's vocals just bring it all together. 

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