From The KDHX Volunteers
DJ Jan of Global Grooves takes a picture of herself in the studios of KDHX. She is wearing headphones.

"KDHX Is A Gem" - from DJ Jan of Global Grooves.

First, I want to thank you for your steady, continuing support of KDHX. I am one of the newer DJs and am very aware that you make that possible. KDHX’s strong community of donors has enabled it to become an outstanding independent radio station.

Let me tell you how I got to be the host of Global Grooves. I had listened to KDHX for years and thought the DJs were super cool. I never imagined that I could be one. Then not that long ago, I heard through the St. Louis grapevine that KDHX was looking for someone to host a show featuring music from around the world. With trepidation, I applied. What do you know, the staff recognized something in that application; my love of global music and my care for this community. And then they trained me. From scratch. No small feat. Your donations support equipment and systems that are quite sophisticated. But more importantly, the staff gave me independence and encouragement. They taught me to create a show, not just play music.

I have found the dedication of the staff and other volunteers to be truly inspiring. There is a collective breadth of knowledge of music around here that is immeasurable.  The diversity of music and personalities that make up this station is fantastic. KDHX is a gem!

Your support also inspires me. Every week when I gather music for Global Grooves, I imagine you listening. I imagine you dancing, smiling, and maybe cocking your head as you hear unfamiliar, but fascinating sounds from around the world.  I get to share my passion for world music with you BECAUSE of YOU. There is so much more for us to explore together. Please renew your donation to keep this station going strong. I hope to be part of this community for a long, long time. Let’s do this together!


You can support the great work of Jan and all of the other DJs and volunteers who are dedicated to bringing you exceptional programming on KDHX. You can give a gift at any time at Thank you!