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KDHX Donor Spotlight: Marian Kammerer

Marian has been listening to and supporting KDHX for over two decades with individual and monthly gifts and she doubles her donations by utilizing her employer’s charitable matching gift program.

She has recorded a donor testimonial and is always out there spreading the word about the station. She says below, “KDHX is something St. Louis can and should be proud of.” We agree and we are very grateful for the impact of Marian’s longtime and generous support.

Where do you live?
St. Louis City

Tell us about yourself: 
I was born in St. Louis and other than five years in Chicago in the early '90s I've lived here all my life. I grew up a county girl (Lindbergh School District although I attended Notre Dame High School (I know you St. Louisans want to ask)) and when I moved back from Chicago with my then two-year-old son we moved right back to the same area. Six years ago, with my son out of school and no longer tied to a school district, I built a new house in Botanical Heights. I love the neighborhood and I love City living.

I'm a lifelong music lover and I credit my next-door neighbor from way back in the day for that.  Mike, if you're reading this, thank you! I'd look over at his house to see if the basement light was on and if it was I'd walk over and hang out to listen to what he was spinning. Lots of Neil Young and Kiss. I mean, it was the '70s! I still have almost all of my ticket stubs from those days.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and another old friend and grade school boyfriend who introduced me to the smaller clubs around town. Thank you Rick! I continue to attend shows several times a month at those standing venues which are now my favorites. I gravitate to Alt-Country/Americana but I'll take a chance on anything and anyone if it's live music. I've raised my son in the music tradition and I love it when he introduces me to something I've never heard, which he does frequently.

When I'm not at a show I love beer, food and travel. Ideally all at once. Since visiting Denali National Park in Alaska several years ago I've been trying to visit at least one new National Park every year and in November of 2022, I was able to see five of the California parks, four for the first time. Yosemite in the snow is truly awe-inspiring. My bucket list trips are Japan, the Galapagos and Madagascar.

Finally - yes, that's Niagara Falls and no, I don't really play the accordion. (referring to the article photo)

How long have you been listening to KDHX?
Since it was on Magnolia Avenue! At least 25 years. 

Do you remember when you first discovered KDHX? Do you have a KDHX "origin story?"
My first memories of KDHX are of the Saturday bluegrass and classic country shows which are still going strong. They were my gateway. Since then I've branched out quite a bit and will listen to just about anything.

Why is KDHX important?
It's independent. I love independent everything.  And KDHX has such a diverse group of DJs that there is always something new to hear and learn about. From local bands to global music and everything in between. KDHX is something St. Louis can and should be proud of—my nephew in Brooklyn regularly streams KDHX.

Do you have any favorite KDHX programs?
I have many programs that I enjoy. The Saturday shows like Down Yonder and Mid-Day Jamboree that I mentioned, plus Feel Like Going Home (I often see Roy Kasten at shows), Greaser's Lunchbox, Steam-Powered Radio, Rocket 88, Memphis to Manchester, The Other One, Sound Salvation. I'm sure I'm forgetting others. They're all great.

I've been trying to convince my talented and very funny sister to do a podcast with me and I'm sure KDHX will want to carry it.  :) It will be called My Sister Made Me Go - and I'm the sister that made her go. To the show. Like that time I took her to see Japandroids. Help me convince her!

How do you listen to KDHX? Live radio? Via the stream? Through the recorded archives?
Mostly live radio.

Is there anything else you would like to share about how KDHX has impacted your life?
I've been a monthly donor for a number of years and I'm happy and proud to support the organization.


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