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Why KDHX Doesn't Use the Term Membership

KDHX promotes inclusivity. KDHX has donors and supporters rather than members because at KDHX, the amount of money or time a partner can contribute is not the only measurement of someone’s investment in or commitment to KDHX, nor will it have undue influence on the direction of the station.

Why KDHX Doesn't Use the Term Membership


Many public media stations use the word “member” when referring to listeners who choose to give a financial gift. KDHX recognizes that the term “member” can foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity for some. However, in the nonprofit sector and at KDHX, it has traditionally only applied to those listeners who give a financial gift.

KDHX recognizes any listeners working to further the mission of KDHX as supporters of KDHX and is currently working on defining what it means to be a “KDHX Ambassador”—people out there in the community supporting and promoting KDHX and the services it offers. KDHX wants people who are invested in KDHX and have a strong connection to the station to feel like they can contribute to its success regardless of their financial situation or ability to give money or time.


About a decade ago, KDHX started re-evaluating the use of words like membership and clubs. Was using these words creating a sense of exclusivity rather than inclusivity? Was it fair that only people who gave a financial gift were considered “members” of KDHX? 

There were two places where KDHX identified the use of exclusive language. The use of the term "member" to identify supporters and the use of the word "club" in the monthly giving program, originally called the Radio Frequency Club.

In 2013, the station decided to shift from using the term “member” to using the words “donor” and “supporter” to recognize someone who gave a financial gift to support the station. In 2016, the monthly giving program, which was initially called the Radio Frequency Club, was renamed the monthly giving program to move away from the idea of an exclusive club.

Additional changes were made as the organization evolved, and the idea of what it means to be a supporter or donor changed. The KDHX board of directors modified the provision that once gave "members" participation in electing one board member yearly. Read more about how board members are currently appointed and elected.

In 2018 the KDHX Fan Club was created to show gratitude to KDHX donors. The Fan Club is a monthly email with KDHX content to share with supporters. Initially, this “exclusive” content was only shared with donors who gave $120 or more or $10 monthly. In the last few years, KDHX has adopted a new fundraising model called Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF). Now, all donors are included in the Fan Club regardless of the amount of their gift. KDHX still uses the word “club” in this context. In 2023, the Fan Club will begin to include people contributing to KDHX outside of a financial gift. The station will also evaluate if using the word "club" in this context needs to change.

At KDHX, content is accessible to all because people support KDHX in various ways. KDHX believes that the ability to make an impact at KDHX needs to be accessible to all, regardless of financial means. Just as the word membership has transformed into “donor” and “supporter,” KDHX will continue to reimagine and redefine the words we use as we strive to be a truly inclusive organization.


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