Inside KDHX

Kelly Wells has served as executive director of KDHX since September 2016.

As executive director, Kelly works to cultivate the growth and transformation of KDHX to be people-centered, connected, and clear about collective vision and values.

Kelly joined the staff of KDHX in 2012 when the Folk School of St. Louis and KDHX merged. Kelly was previously the executive director of the Folk School and became KDHX’s education director when the two organizations merged. Read more about the Folk School and KDHX.

In 2013, Kelly was named engagement officer of KDHX and served in the position until September 2015, when she accepted the position of interim executive director when the board of directors removed the former executive director for financial mismanagement.

Kelly was named executive director in September 2016. Kelly immediately focused on re-establishing KDHX’s financial health. Read more about how KDHX is doing financially.

In 2019, KDHX reached a pivotal point in the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. As the organization reckoned with systemic racism as individuals and as an institution located in St. Louis, KDHX entered a period of (un)learning and learning that led to the formation of a three-year strategic plan that guides the priorities and goals of the organization. Read a piece by Kelly about this process.

The strategic planning process of 2020 confirmed the mission of KDHX, created a purpose statement, and renamed the values of the organization. Read a piece by Kelly about how the values of KDHX are centered. 









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