Inside KDHX

In the last several years, KDHX has adopted a new model of fundraising known as Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF).

Community-Centric Fundraising is a fundraising model grounded in equity and social justice. The ten core principles of CCF serve as a starting point for organizations to begin their CCF journey. KDHX is adapting the core principles of CCF to reflect how they show up at KDHX. 

One of the ways that KDHX is adapting CCF principles is to recognize those supporters of KDHX who make valuable contributions to KDHX even if they do not have the means to support the station financially. Contributions of time from volunteers and listeners are considered as valuable as a financial contribution at KDHX. 

As part of the transition to CCF, KDHX is currently redefining what the words donor, supporter, donation, partnership, and fundraising mean. KDHX is reworking and reimagining traditional fundraising terms.


• Partners = staff, volunteers, donors, listeners–the contributions of each partner are equally valued

• Donations/support = time, funding, ambassadorship

• Donor = 

– an organization or individual that gives a financial gift

– a volunteer who donates time and expertise

– an individual who has devoted time and energy to creating and expanding KDHX connections

KDHX’s adoption of CCF principles is a work in progress. Here are some other key components that KDHX has already adopted or will be incorporating:

1. We are transparent and willing to have difficult conversations with all partners of KDHX. We must have honest, respectful conversations to be effective, including strong disagreements as needed.

2. As a radio station, KDHX’s aim is to educate all of the partners about the overall importance of KDHX and public media, which we believe is critical and valuable to building a just and equitable society. This entails encouraging the support of other public media entities in the St. Louis area and other community stations around the country. We will broaden this to encourage the support of other nonprofits in St. Louis that also put music at the center of their missions.

3. KDHX will continue and enhance its role in promoting, championing, and showcasing the work of other nonprofit organizations in the public media sector and in the arts and culture sphere of St. Louis. 

4. KDHX fosters a sense of belonging, not othering. We must be careful to avoid “othering” our partners and not elevate one partner’s role above another’s. The way in which each partner supports KDHX or helps provide connections will create a sense of belonging for everyone. 


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