Music News

KDHX's team of Volunteer Photographers had a busy month in July. With a flood of concerts and festivals hitting the region, our team scattered far and wide to cover a variety of events for your viewing pleasure.

Photos by Bruce Bramoweth, Jack Adams, Dustin Winter, Jason Cluts, Monica Mileur, Tim Farmer, Colin Suchland, Cory Miller, and Nora Jehle.

George Clinton at Fair St. Louis 7/4/16

George Clinton
Fair St. Louis 7/4/16
by Bruce Bramoweth

Femi Kuti & The Positive Force (with Mathias and The Pirates) at The Ready Room 7/9/16

Femi Kuti & The Positive Force
The Ready Room 7/9/16
by Monica Mileur

Slide the City in Dogtown 7/9/16

Slide the City
Dogtown 7/9/16
by Cory Miller

The English Beat at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill 7/10/16

The English Beat
Blueberry Hill 7/10/16
by Tim Farmer

Wayne Hancock (with The Loot Rock Gang) at Off Broadway 7/14/16

Wayne Hancock
Off Broadway 7/14/16
by Monica Mileur

Lavender Country (with Janewave) at Off Broadway 7/15/16

Lavender Country
Off Broadway 7/15/16
by Tim Farmer

Heart and Cheap Trick at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/16/16

Heart and Cheap Trick
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/16/16
by Jack Adams

White Lung (with Plague Vendor, Bruiser Queen) at the Firebird 7/16/16

White Lung
Firebird 7/16/16
by Jason Cluts

Disturbed at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/17/16

Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/17/16
by Jack Adams

The Cactus Blossoms (with Jack Grelle) at Off Broadway 7/17/16

The Cactus Blossoms
Off Broadway 7/17/16
by Monica Mileur

The Wombats (with Coast Modern) at The Ready Room 7/18/16

The Wombats
The Ready Room 7/18/16
by Dustin Winter

Whitney (with Michael Rault) at Off Broadway 7/18/16

Off Broadway 7/18/16
by Nora Jehle

Kaleo (with The Wind and the Wave) at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill 7/19/16

Blueberry Hill 7/19/16
by Colin Suchland

Coldplay at Scottrade Center 7/21/16

Scottrade Center 7/21/16
by Dustin Winter

Goo Goo Dolls at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/24/16

Goo Goo Dolls
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/24/16
by Jack Adams

Van’s Warped Tour ’16 at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/27/16

Van's Warped Tour 2016
Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre 7/27/16
by Cory Miller and Dustin Winter

VibesSTL: The Grand Arts Event at 2720 Cherokee 7/30/16

VibesSTL: The Grand Arts Event
2720 Cherokee 7/30/16
by Cory Miller

Temporal Cities 2nd Annual Blanket Fort Festival (with Bombara and Obviously Offbeat) at Benton Park 7/30/16

Temporal Cities 2nd Annual Blanket Fort Festival
Benton Park 7/30/16
by Karl Beck