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Musical Merry-Go-Round

Musical Merry-Go-Round

This is Musical Merry-Go-Round’s 11th year listing our 10n favorite family-friendly recordings. Once again, it is a great challenge to narrow down the hundreds of albums released for families to just 10.  


Ants Ants Ants / ‘Why Why Why?’ / Pinwheel

Frances England / ‘Blue Skies and Sunny Days’ / CD Baby

Frank & Deane / ‘The Nation of Imagination’ / CD Baby

Lucy Kalantari / ‘All the Sounds’ / CD Baby

Tim Kubart / ‘Building Blocks’ / Magenta Label Group

The Okee Dokee Brothers / ‘Winterland’ / Okee Dokee Music

Suzi Shelton / ‘Hand in Hand’ / CD Baby

Various Artists / ‘Hold Tight, Shine Bright’ / Band Camp

Vered / ‘Songs for Sisters and Brothers’ / CD Baby

Danny Weinkauf / ‘Inside I Shine’ / Red Pants Music 


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