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Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Ryan Cain, host of 'Rolling Thunder,' is not afraid of the dark. While he plays a variety of genres on his show, including the occasional jazz and blues, he leans toward the heavier side of rock. This year’s list reflects the best of the sound, from the trash metal of Voivod to the industrial noise of the latest Nine Inch Nails album. 


Alastor / ‘Slave to the Grave’ / RidingEasy

Between the Buried and Me / ‘Automata I & II’ / Sumerian / Double EP

Devin Townsend Project / ‘Ocean Machine: Live at the Ancient Roman Theater Plovdiv’ / Inside Out

The. Final. Age. / ‘The. Final. Age.’ / Sunrise Ocean Bender / Cardinal Fuzz

Haken / ‘Vector’ / Inside Out

Nine Inch Nails / ‘Bad Witch’ / The Null Corporation

Our Solar System / ‘Origins’ / Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

Prana Crafter / ‘Enter the Steam’ / Sunrise Ocean Bender / Cardinal Fuzz

Velvet Elevator / ‘Principium’ / Cardinal Fuzz

Voivod / ‘The Wake’ / Century Media


Listen to Rolling Thunder, a diverse mix of rock styles, every Friday from 3 - 5 am. 


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