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On 'Hindsight,' DJ Matt carries the torch for true indie rock in its many forms: post-punk, shoegaze, dream pop, etc. While the music often sounds laidback, the best examples use careful layering and subtle references to explore fresh sonic territory. This year’s Top 10 list, featuring artists like True Primitives and Night Flowers, proves that a new generation is taking up the mission. 


Blush Response / ‘Heart Grows Dull’ / Blust Response

The Daysleepers / ‘Creation’ / The Daysleepers

Fringe / ‘Happens So Fast’ / Fringe

Holygram / ‘Modern Cults’ / Oblivion / Cleopatra

Night Flowers / ‘Wild Notion’ / Dirty Bingo

Peel Dream Magazine / ‘Modern Meta Physics’ / Slumberland

Ride / ‘Tomorrow’s Shore’ / Wichita / EP

Tears Run Rings / ‘Somewhere’ / Shelflife / EP

True Primitives / ‘Revolutions’ / Comet Rock

Wild Nothing / ‘Indigo’ / Captured Tracks


Hindsight with DJ Matt airs Thursdays from 9 - 11 pm.