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As the host of 'Backroads,' I usually have trouble whittling down the new albums for the year into a Top 10 list. But 2018 was particularly difficult. There were so many releases, so many good releases. For every one listed here, there is another that I could have chosen. But these were my absolute favorites. I hope they are or will be yours too!


Ben Bedford / ‘The Hermit’s Spyglass’ / Hopeful Sky

Emery Besher / ‘Emery Besher’ / Mount Freedom

Ry Cooder / ‘The Prodigal Son’ / Fantasy

Caroline Cotter / ‘Home on the River’ / Self-Released

John Flynn / ‘Vintage’ / Flying Stone

Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence / ‘Two People’ / Old Man Henry

Johnny Irion / ‘Driving Friend’ / RTE 8

Lori McKenna / ‘The Tree’ / CN

Heather Styka & the Sentimentalists / ‘North’ / Kite Stripe


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