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Songwriters Showcase

Songwriters Showcase

What a tough job it is cutting a year’s worth of amazing music into 10 final choices. I always say that you could flip my first 10 albums with the next 10, and I would be equally happy. This list includes artists from three different countries, five women, four men and a mixed trio – all brilliant singer-songwriters. 

Like all the other hosts on KDHX, I find that one of my biggest pleasures is searching the globe to bring listeners music they won’t hear anywhere else. Finally, I want to offer a special thanks to the loyal listeners, the most important part of ‘Songwriters Showcase’ and of KDHX, for more than 30 years of support. 


Bennett Bowtell & Urquardt / ‘Weeds’ / William Osland

This albums contains superb songwriting with this year’s best harmonies.

Catherine Britt / ‘Catherine Britt & the Cold, Cold Hearts’ / Universal Music Australia

Jim Cuddy / ‘Constellation’ / Warner Music Canada

Tori Forsyth / ‘Dawn of the Dar’ / Universal Music Australia

This was the best new discover of the year. 

The Lynnes / ‘Heartbreak Song for the Radio’ / The Lynnes

Gretchen Peters / ‘Dancing with the Beast’ / Scarlet Letter

Tom Russell w/ Andrew Hardin / ‘Old Songs Yet to Sing’ / Frontera

Kevin Welch / ‘Dust Devils’ / Dead Reckoning

Jamie Lin Wilson / ‘Jumping Over Rocks’ / Jamie Lin Wilson

“Death & Life” is the best individual song of the year.

Kate Wolf / ‘Live from Mendocina’ / Owl

This record was the biggest surprise of 2018. After more than 30 years since Wolf’s untimely death, I was delighted to hear unreleased, pristine new music from her. 


This list is in memory of Larry Weir. Tune into Songwriters Showcase with Ed for some of the best new folk and country music today, including in-studio performances with touring artists, on Sundays from 10 am - 12 pm.