Music Reviews


This was a fantastic year for progressive rock and all its subgenres. The debut by the Anglagard side project, All Traps on Earth, was the first standout from the list. The sophomore effort from France’s Alco Frisbass was stunning as well. And Bubu’s follow-up to their 1978 masterpiece, ‘Anabelas,’ their first full-length studio album in 40 years, exceeded all expectations. There are plenty more extraordinary releases from 2018, but the ones on the list really shine. Peace. 


Alco Frisbass / ‘Le Bateleur’ / Fading

All Traps on Earth / ‘A Drop of Light’ / AMS

Bubu / ‘El Eco de Sol’ / Viajero Inmovil

Koenjihyakkei / ‘Dhorimviskha’ / Skin Graft

Malady / ‘Toinen Toista’ / Svart

Oaksenham / ‘Upon all the Living and the Dead’ / Lossless Digital

Angel Ontalva & Vespero / ‘Carta Marina’ / VMS

Ring van Mobius / ‘Past the Evening Sun’ / Apollon

Troot / ‘Constance and the Waiting’ / Tim Root

Vak / ‘Budo’ / Soleil Zeuhl


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