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Latin Hemispheres

Latin Hemispheres

The Empresarios are based in Washington, DC. The collection of musicians that come and go from the band make for a dynamic sound with plenty of energy and fat grooves, as well as a healthy dose of Latin funk for dancing and partying. Over many releases and compilations, they make the magic happen. 

Hector Guerra has collaborated with a number of artists, not only on this release but on previous ones as well. This strategy keeps the music organic and brings a bit of pop into the mix without forgoing lyrical content. And the band, Mutando, stood out on the first listen. There are two musicians at the core of this project, with a bit of outside help on a few tracks. The album blends progressive rock with electronic elements in a way that makes you want to listen to this debut from start to finish. 


Alex Anwandter / ‘Latinoamericana’ / Nacional

Natalia Clavier / ‘Trans’ / Nacional

Chancha Via Circuito / ‘Bienaventuranza’ / Wonderwheel

Diamante Electrico / ‘Buitres’ / Mercado Negro

Empresarios / ‘Cambumbeo’ / Empresarios Music / EP

Hector Guerra / ‘Desde El Infierno’ / Kasba Music

King Coya / ‘Tierra de King Coya’ / ZZK

Mutando / ‘Physis’ / Random Is Not Whatever / EP

Oscilador Bass / ‘Ancient’ / Latin Bass Mexico

Uji / ‘Alborada’ / ZZK


Check out Latin Hemispheres with Carlos G. Charles to explore a wide array of contemporary Latin music, including rock, hip hop, jazz and pop, on Sundays from 1 - 3 am.