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Top 10 Albums of 2019: Elevated Rhymestate

Elevated Rhymestate

DJ Wil Wander
Saturdays | 11:00pm-1:00am


Cut Capers – Metropolis (Freshly Squeezed)

Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra – Sound the Bells (Doomtree Records)

DJ Shadow – Our Pathetic Age (Mass Appeal)

Hilltop Hoods – The Great Expanse (Golden Era)

Horrorshow – New Normal (Elefant Traks)

MC Lars and Mega Ran – The Dewey Decibel System (Horris Records)

Phalo Pantoja and Moemaw Naedon – Hard Head Mush Brain (Carcosa Musik/Soul Slime Records)

RHINO – The Leapard Dilemma – EP (Galant Records)

The Soul Rebels – Poetry in Motion (Artistry Music)

Wax – B.A.A.A. (Scrublife Inc.)


From DJ Wil Wander:

It was quite difficult to select ten albums that stood out as best this year, as there were easily another ten albums that could have just as easily made my final selections, including new releases from classic artists and even former “Album of the Year” winners on the show that failed to make the final cut. This years selections are particularly global, with 50% coming from foreign markets. As always, I plan to rank and countdown the top ten on the final show of the year, scheduled for December 28th. 


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