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Top 10 Albums of 2019: C-Sides


DJ Rick Comello
Mondays | 9:00pm-11:00pm


Blastar - Construct (Self Released)

Celeste - Il Risveglio del Principe (Mellow Records)

Electric Asturias - Trinity (Self Released)

Jordsjø - Nattfiolen (Karisma Records)

The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventure (Radiant Records)

Motorpsycho - The Crucible (Stickman Records)

Numidia - Numidia (Nasoni Records)

On the Raw - Climbing the Air (Red Phone Records)

Opeth - In Cauda Venenum (Nuclear Blast)

Quantum Fantay - Yemaya Orisha (Progressive Promotion Records)


From DJ Rick Comello:

C-Sides focus is primarily on obscurities from the past, but I do keep up with much of the fresh music out there! It was difficult to narrow down the choices this year and there's still quite a bit I've yet to pick up, but I was able to assemble a list (that I'll probably want to modify the second I hit send). From the new releases I purchased so far in 2019, these are my Top 10 in alphabetical order.

Speaking of obscurities from the past, 2019 was an amazing year in the world of CD re-issues. Just a few of the amazing titles to make in on to CD legitimately for the first time are the lone album by Metaphysical Animation, Tortilla Flat's fantastic "Für ein ¾ Stündchen", Atila's legendary 3rd album, "Reviure", Coma's classic "Financial Tycoon" and the Russian Grail, Firyuza's (Фирюза) self titled album.


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