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Top 10 Albums of 2019: Universal Default

Universal Default

DJ Brian
Tuesdays | 1:00am-3:00am


 - No Title (Sähkö Recordings)

Deathprod - Occulting Disk (Smalltown Supersound)

FRANCE - OTT (Mental Groove)

Haress - Haress (Lancashire & Somerset Records)

Lo Eggin & Gannett - Big Egg (Territorial Gobbing)

Neil Young - Dead Man OST (Vapor) (REISSUE)

Rema Rema - Fond Reflections (4AD) (REISSUE)

Rob Mazurek - Psychotropic Electric Eel Dreams IV (Astral Spirits)

Sly & The Family Drone - Gentle Persuaders (Love Love Records)

Susana López - Four Sinusoids to Eliane (Important Drone Records)


From DJ Brian:

Landlocked but looking for a subaquatic psychedelic experience? Check out ... or Psychotropic Electric Eel Dreams IV. Deep listening with Four Sinusoids to Eliane and Occulting Disk.  Volume on 11 and lost the knob?  Blow the doors off with OTT and Gentle Persuaders.

Pastoral psych with a bit of menace in the hedges by Haress. Appreciate the psychedelic capabilities of wind instruments? Big Egg will keep you off kilter.  Two reissues, the debut album that never was, Rema Rema's Fond Reflections and Neil Young's soundtrack to the film, Dead Man, long out of print burns like hellfire.



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