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Top 10 Albums of 2020: Elevated Rhymestate

Elevated Rhymestate

DJ Wil Wander
Saturdays | 11:00pm-1:00am


The Allergies – Say The Word (Jalapeno Records)

Blu & Exile – Miles (Fat Beats Records)

Common – A Beautiful Revolution (Pt 1) (Loma Vista Recordings)

Gangstagrass – No Time For Enemies (AntiFragile) 

Grand Tapestry – Tides (Gravitas Recordings)

Jabee – The World Is So Fragile & Cruel I'm Glad I Got You (Grand Union Media) 

Lack of Afro – I'm Here Now (The Bastion Music Group)

Sa-Roc – The Sharecropper's Daughter (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Sample Kulture – Upstairs Headroom (Sample Kulture)

Vokab Kompany – Small Viktories (Gravitas Recordings)


From DJ Wil Wander:

It was an unusual year and music releases were no different. I didn't find any albums that were dominant as number one, but there were certainly plenty of solid releases with some pleasant surprises, and admittedly, a few anticipated albums that were a bit disappointing. I will point out that the Sample Kulture release is quite arguably NOT within the genre range of the show, but I played it anyway because it was truly excellent and deserved to be shared and honored. These albums are listed alphabetically; a ranked list will be presented in the final show of the year. 


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