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Top 10 Albums of 2020: Ital Rhythms

Ital Rhythms

DJ Ital-K
Fridays | 11:00pm-1:00am


Jerry Harris - Quarantine Lovers + Guitar Reggae Life (Listen Up)

Clive Hunt - Blue Lizzard  (VP)

Various Artists - Lovers In Love Riddim (SPI, NYC)

Louis Culture - Cyaa Dead (Axx Prods, Jamaica)

Sister Carol - Opportunity (Tafari)  

Various Artists - Rising From Falling (Rainbow Ark, UK)

Chardel Rhoden - Born Again (Stingray, UK)

Toots - Got To Be Tough (BMG)

Various Artists - Coach Riddim (Gaffa Blue, UK)  

Various Artists - Born To Love You Riddim (Streamin' Hub)  

Honorable Mention:

Megumi Mesako - Saxy Cool Ruler (Mafia & Fluxy, UK)

Various Artists - Freedom (White Stone Prods)


From Ital-K:

I love dub/versions/instrumentals which proved to be soothing yet invigorating throughout the pandemic. And needless to say, LOVE conquers all which is always part of my musical message.



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