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Top 10 Albums of 2020: Universal Default

Universal Default

DJ Brian
Tuesdays | 1:00am-3:00am


Bill Nace - Both (Drag City)

Black Holes Are Cannibals - 15/02/2020 [Between 21:45pm and 23:00pm] (Infinity Mirror)

C. Lavender - Myth of Equilibrium (Editions Mego)

Conflux Coldwell - Virtual Private Broadcasts (self-released)

Endless Boogie - The Gathered and Scattered (No Quarter)

FANT^MS - Roomtones (MMLI)

Food People - God With Stripes (Chocolate Monk)

Jeremy Young - Filaments (Eliane Tapes)

Rafael Toral and João Pais Filipe - Jupiter and Beyond (three:four records)

Ron Morelli - Betting On Death (Hospital Productions)


From Brian:

Meditative relief from FANT^MS mix of singing bowls and electronics, Jeremy Young’s longform sine wave workouts and C. Lavender’s hypnotic drones. Need a soundtrack to your isolation? There’s a couple of releases to choose from, Conflux Coldwell’s CCTV sourced creations and for you lonely day traders, Ron Morelli. On the psychedelic side check out Black Holes Are Cannibals, Food People and Bill Nace. Ever wonder what Captain Caveman hummed to himself? Endless Boogie has the answer. Finally, Jupiter is not for the faint of heart and Rafael Toral & João Pais Filipe are here to convince you so.


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