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Top 10 Albums of 2022: C-Sides

Top 10 Albums of 2022: C-Sides

DJ Rick Comello
Mondays | 9:00pm-11:00pm

Anima Morte - Serpents in the Fields of Sleep (Cadabra Records)

Birth - Born (Bad Omen Records)

Ben Craven - Monsters From The Id (Desert Comb Music)

Guranfoe - Gumbo Gumbo (Round Rover Musical Endeavors)

Art Griffin's Sound Chaser - The Seven Ages of Starlight (Self Released)

Karaba - All High Ways (Klangschutz Schallplatten)

Marbin - Dirty Horse (Marbin Music)

Moon Letters - Thank You From the Future (Self Released)

The Tangent - Songs From the Hard Shoulder (Inside Out Music)

TEE - Total Edge Effect (Pretentious Dinosaur Records)


From Rick Comello:

The following artists also released fantastic albums in 2022, many of which could of easily been in my list: Aliante, Blue Rumble, RanestRane, Magma, Hällas, Jalayan, Porcupine Tree, Kaipa, Fren, Phi Yaan-Zek, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Wizrd, Jupu Group, Lady Lake, Karfagen, Anders Buaas, Thor Axe, ARC Trio and the John Daversa Big Band...just to name (more than) a few! 


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