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Top 10 Albums of 2021: Universal Default

Top 10 Albums of 2021: Universal Default

Universal Default
DJ Brian 
Tuesdays | 1:00am-3:00am

Altar Of Flies - Bortom Reven (iDEAL Recordings)

Cronies - Cronies (Cruel Nature Records)

Fusione - Fusione (Black Sweat Records)

Ivonne Van Cleef Orquesta - Endless Vibing Time (The Eagle Stone Collective)

Jarl - Phonophobia (Zoharum)

Jesper Eklow - BLΩΩD MERIDIAN: Unauthorized Soundtrack to the Greatest Movie Never Made (self-released)

Joel Danielsson - Atlas (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)

Jonathan Deasy - Taiga (Invisible City Records)

Kristof Hahn - Six Pieces (Room40)

The Tariqua 'Alawiya - The 'Imâra (The Dance Of The Stars) (Via Parigi)

From Brian:

Isolation vibes from Altar Of Flies and endless vibes from the Ivonne Van Cleef Orquesta. A couple of solo releases by Jesper Eklow of Endless Boogie and SWANS member, Kristof Hahn. Fusione's psychedelic jazz, fortunately, sees the light of day. A trio of drone variations by JARL, Joel Danielsson & Jonathan Deasy. The Tariqua 'Alawiya is a sonic document of Sufi ecstasy and Cronies throw out a 30-minute trip back to my high school days. 

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