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Top 10 Albums of 2021: Shake 'em On Down

Top 10 Albums of 2021: Shake 'em On Down

Shake 'em On Down
DJ Ronnie Wisdom
Fridays | 10:00am-12:00pm


The Black Crowes – Shake Your Money Maker 30th Anniversary reissue (American Recordings Catalog P&D)

The Black Keys – Delta Kreme (Nonesuch)

Cedric Burnside – I Be Trying (Single Lock Records)

The Cold Stares – Heavy Shoes (Mascot Records)

Handsome Jack – Get Humble (Alive Naturalsound)

Mississippi Fred McDowell – The Village Out West: The Lost Tapes of Alan Oakes (Smithsonian)

Mr Airplane Man – Winter Psalm - EP (Mr Airplane Man)

J.D. Simone – Mind Control (Crows Feet Records)

Adia Victoria – A Southern Gothic (Atlantic)

Link Wray – Wraymen Unbound (Boomtown)

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