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Top 10 Albums of 2022: Hindsight

Top 10 Albums of 2022: Hindsight

DJ Matt
Wednesdays | 9:00pm-11:00pm

Melting Palms - Noise Between The Shades (La Pochette Surprise Records)

Northern Portrait - The Swiss Army (Matinee Recordings)

Plastic Estate - Plastic Estate (Avant! Records)

Say Sue Me - The Last Thing Left (Damnably) 

Soft Blue Shimmer - Love Lives in the Body (Other People Records)

Thus Love - Memorial (Captured Tracks)

The Vapour Veils - The Last Hurrah (The Vapour Veils)

Velveteen - Empty Crush (Shelflife Records) 

Womb - Dreaming of the Future Again (Flying Nun Records)

Young Prisms - Drifter (Fire Talk) 

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