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Bruno David is pleased to present "Connected", an exhibition of mixed media work by Bunny Burson. This is the artist’s sixth solo exhibition with the gallery. Bunny Burson’s recent body of artwork is part of a decades-long exploration of her family history. Her fascination with scientific breakthroughs, in particular the mapping of the human genome, led her to add digital fabrication to her artwork. Burson said “I wanted to link my DNA to my ancestors’ and this sequencing led to new imagery, processes, and knowledge.”

“On our family’s bookshelves were my father’s century old German schoolbooks, brought from Berlin in 1938. It was the typeface, the paper and the German titles which sparked my interest. To re-discover and alter these books was meaningful, as reading was an important part of growing up in our family. The fragile, faded book pages in German became the perfect platform for high-tech 3D chromosomes connecting me to previous generations.”

ADRIAN GONZALEZ: Lonchando in the Grass

Bruno David is pleased to present "Lonchando in the Grass", an exhibition by Florida-based artist Adrian Gonzalez. This will be his first solo exhibition with the gallery. Adrian Gonzalez speaks and uses the hybrid language of Spanglish — a language spoken commonly in the United States — to reflect cultural interaction that underlies our contemporary moment. He uses the exchange between Spanish and English through playful yet provocative bilingual phrases, expressions, and unstructured ideas of language that are meant to communicate new thinking and describe his work. He associates the combative, improvisatory creation of words with artistic methods in his studio practice to make collage and assemblage paintings, sculptures, and prints from a variety of drawn, printed, painted, sculpted, and found elements.

CHARLES BURSON: America Dystopia America

Bruno David is pleased to present "America Dystopia America", a video work by Colorado-based artist Charles Burson. This is artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Using appropriated contemporary images, (from newspapers, television, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other online sources) tumbled, fragmentized, and granulated, Charles Burson seeks to evoke the threat of America becoming that fictionalized society portrayed in grand dystopian films and novels. Burson says “The foundation for such societies is dysfunctional government, teeming, violent and desperately poor masses and an overclass of wealthy, privileged, uncaring overlords. The events, divisions, and societal conditions of America’s Trump era, Covid and until now, the Biden era, evoke the conditions of such a dystopian society. At the core of this is a collapsing national consensus in and of America, the disappearance of which promotes conflict, stagnation, deep cultural divisions and a chasm of wealth and inequality.”

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and cable are reshaping us and our world into one in which there are multiple truths and alternative realities. They are fostered and reinforced by the personal information silos into which we are herded and shaped by our media platforms and their algorithms. The screens into which we obsessively view are depersonalizing our interactions and corrupting our capacity to empathize. They are destroying our ability to hold and share a national consensus on what America is and should be. Opinion writer Ezra Klein articulates this phenomenon, in his recent New York Times interview with the author, Richard Powers.

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Event Date 09-23-2022 11:00 am
Location Bruno David Gallery

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