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From Caxton to Ellesmere: The Canterbury Tales in Print and Art at the Mercantile Library

This exhibition seeks to highlight two recent acquisitions in the context of a broad collection of textual and illustrated editions of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer from the fifteenth century to the present at the Mercantile Library. We focused on The Canterbury Tales, the Prologue and the stories about them that have inspired generations of artists, and on the important Mercantile acquisitions of the rare Caxton printing of the Tales and a nearly forgotten facsimile of the famous Ellesmere manuscript of the Tales, created in meticulous detail and brilliant color over a century ago.

Event Properties

Event Date 08-10-2018 8:00 am
Event End Date 09-25-2018 9:00 pm
St. Louis Mercantile Library at UM - St. Louis
One University Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63121 US
St. Louis Mercantile Library at UM - St. Louis
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