Christmas with C.S. Lewis

In the early years of his young adult life C. S. Lewis believed the story of Christ’s birth was nothing more than feel-good myth. That all changed after a particular encounter with his great friend and fellow author, J R R Tolkien. Although both men loved mythology in general, Tolkien was convinced that the Jesus myth was the one true myth. That was the start of Lewis’ journey from Atheism to Christianity. From that point on, Christmas, for Lewis, took on an entirely different meaning. Here we find him at his home near Oxford on Christmas Eve hosting a group of Americans who are Christmassing in England. They are about to experience an unforgettable assortment of Yuletide recollections which stimulates a whole range of emotions – curiosity, laughter, gladness and even some tears. Above all, they will discover how that encounter with Tolkien forever changed his Christmas celebrations. To learn more, visit

Gregory Williams Welsch trained in New York and has trod the boards in the guise of some of the greatest roles ever created for the stage and he has been entertaining audiences for years with the authenticity of his performances. Welsch has graced both the small and big screen as well, of course, but it is in the amphitheatre of live performances where he truly shines.

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Event Date 12-17-2023 6:30 pm
Location The Westport Playhouse

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