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Tech Support Café

FreeSource is excited to partner with the Thomas Dunn Learning Center to launch Tech Support Café, a program in which people gather to help each other to solve problems relating to technology and to build skills, self confidence, and community!

Tech Support Café is a recurring event at which participants can receive free technical assistance and peer mentorship from volunteer I.T. professionals in a welcoming, friendly, accessible workshop atmosphere.

Absolutely everybody is invited to attend, but you might find this program especially worthwhile if you:

-Have a gadget (e.g. smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.) that's not working right and you'd like some help fixing it

-Would like help learning about a particular aspect of how your gadget works

-Have an interest in learning common techniques for troubleshooting tech issues

-Have an interest in fostering digital inclusion and reducing electronic waste

For more information, contact Ben Cohen at

Event Properties

Event Date 05-16-2019 6:00 pm
Thomas Dunn Learning Center
3113 Gasconade St. Louis, MO 63118 US
Thomas Dunn Learning Center
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