Bitter Calm // Captain Kudzu // Pealds // Big Step

Bitter Calm (Birmingham, AL)

Slowcore/chamber-rock from Birmingham, featuring members from Velouria, violinist Meg Ford, a box full of video tapes, and a hand-me-down watch that doesn't tell the time. They write loud, slow songs about love and death, and they've never had so much fun.

Captain Kudzu (Birmingham, AL)

Captain Kudzu is the bizarre and amorphous creative output of Opelika native Jackson Gafford. Almost psych-pop, almost shoegaze, almost lo-fi electronic, Captain Kudzu is nothing in particular and everything you would want it to be. Their debut album Arboretum is out now on Earth Libraries. You should listen to it. 

Pealds (STL)

Big-Step (STL)

7:30pm - doors

8pm - show


All ages

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Event Date 06-23-2019 8:00 pm
Foam Coffee and Beer
3359 South Jefferson Avenue St. Louis, MO 63118 US
Foam Coffee and Beer
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